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About the Brand

5 April, 2013

Proudly Dutch, TW Steel stands unique amongst its rivals concentrating exclusively on continuing to develop and lead the oversized watch market established with the introduction of its first collection in 2005.

TW Steel, the name meaning 'The Watch in Steel', has firmly established itself as a big, bold, lifestyle brand. Its collections are reflective of, and available for all tastes and occasions without compromise to design or build.

Successfully combining design and innovation, TW Steel offers a defined sense of individuality with style and quality assured.

Put simply, wearing a TW Steel makes a powerful statement! It’s about showing to the world that as a bold and ambitious individual, you wear a timepiece reflective of your personality.


Jordy and Ton Cobelens, the founders of TW Steel and CEO and Chief Design Officer respectively, saw an opportunity and seized it through the creation of TW Steel in Amsterdam in 2005.

They developed four high-quality watch models, with a striking, trendy oversized design and an affordable price point. The models were an immediate success.

Now with 140 different models in the collection, TW Steel has attained a global appeal while creating an internationally recognized and respected brand name offering truly affordable luxury.

TW Steel is currently available in over 100 countries and counting, with leading sales in key areas such as Europe, North and South America and Asia.

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